Grace Maternity Center


Many mothers in Malawi, Africa face horrific delivery experiences where they are ignored or lied to about their labor progress, left in the hands of untrained family members, or sent outside as they are ready to deliver their babies, all the while facing the wrath of under-trained, overworked medical officers. These experiences rob women of their dignity, leaving them embarrassed and scared, and worse yet, subjecting them to extremely dangerous birth practices.
The vision for Grace Maternity Center is to provide a safe haven for mothers to deliver their babies.  Our mothers will be will be treated with respect and love by our trained medical staff throughout their pregnancy and delivery.  Our expectant mothers will have access to prenatal training and our anemia feeding program. After delivery mothers will receive post-natal care and follow up from our trained doulas.

To open our doors to expectant mothers and begin this ministry, we need to raise the following funds.

Completion of our Labor and Delivery Rooms           $8,000
Kitchen for Care-givers and Expectant Mothers         $6,500
Expectant Mother Hostel                                                $8,000
Teaching Pavilion                                                           $6,500

Thank you for helping us provide a safe, loving environment to care for mothers from the moment they know they’re expecting until their baby is safely delivered and thriving!

You can support a friend who is raising funds, or better yet, start a fundraiser yourself and invite your friends and family to make a difference for women in Malawi, Africa!
House Moms at Patricia's Home feeding infants whose mothers' died in childbirth.

A Malawian mother and her infant. This mother lost her breast milk supply due to illness and poor nutrition, she receives formula through our formula program.